Success for Shentie at BKBU!!!

At the weekend a selection of our fighters took part in the BKBU Kickboxing Competition in Guildford.

Our team consisted of Piers, Jack, Ciona, Nick, Zack, James, Grace, Chaitan, Jeevan, Tahlia, Elijah, Mina, Gabijja, Jaden, Chloe, Sahib and the all fought really hard and with great heart.

We took away 9 Wins, 6 Loses and 1 Stoppage.

Piers CrampWon
Jack GraceLost
Ciona ChettyWon
Nick CarterWon
Zack WilliamsLost
Grace LeonardLost
Chaitan PaulWon
Jeevan VirdeeLost
Tahlia Dubrey CoupéWon
Elijah Dubrey CoupéWon
Mina MahrousWon
Gabijja BosaiteStoppage
Jaden DrummondWon
Chloe RoperLost
Sahib NagiWon

The whole team have spent the last 6 weeks training, supporting and finally celebrating together, congratulations to you all.

A further massive thank you to all the parents, carers and guardians that too made it possible, thank you for all your support.


The Shentie Team

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