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How long has Shentie Martial Arts been running.
Shentie has been running for over 24 years and is one of the UKs leading Martial Arts Academy.

How much will it cost, do I have to pay membership
Your first lesson is FREE! Come along and try us out. After that the lessons are £7 each. If you wish to train regularly with us then you must take out club insurance.

Am I insured
After the first week you will need to take out club insurance. This can be done with your Instructor. In the event of any incident or accident within the club an incident report form must be competed and handed to your instructor straight away. This will then be presented to our insurers within 48 hours.

What clothing do I have to wear
To start off with wear something comfortable to exercise in, jogging bottoms and T-shirt is fine. After a few weeks you will be able to purchase our club uniform at a discounted price.

Do I have to be fit to train for Martial Arts.
No. Your fitness will improve as you continue training with us. We have students of all ages and abilities so you will never feel out of your depth.

Is there an age limit
Our youngest members start at 4 years old and we have students who are in their 70s so there is no excuse not to train.

I don’t want to fight so can I just train
Yes. You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Are there classes where a family can come together or are there age limits to each class
We hold mixed classes on Monday, Tuesday nights, Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Do I need any equipment and if so can I hire it
If you decide you want to spar you can purchase protective equipment at a discount from the club.

How do I join
Contact Lee on 07525 745723, the Club Secretary on info@shentie.co.uk or just come along to one of our classes.

How many qualified Instructors are there at the club
We have 15 instructors that are qualified to the highest standard who teach at various locations across London and the South East.

Are there beginners at the classes or are all the students advanced
We hold beginners through to advanced classes as well as specialised classes. We also offer one to one sessions.

Are all the people that attend the classes there to compete or do some come for the fitness and social reasons

Not everybody compete, we are a very social club. There is no obligation to train for tournaments or gradings or belt tests if you do not wish to.

If somebody is being bullied will your classes help them to gain confidence
Yes. We have a comprehensive Anti-Bullying campaign which we run in accordance with government guidelines.