Shentie Kids Academy is to provide positive learning experiences for children through training in Martial Arts.

Whether your child watches Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid, Power Rangers or the Ninja Turtles, today’s children are exposed to martial arts from an early age. From kung fu, kick boxing or BJJ Martial Arts provide an enjoyable and social workout. Although Martial Arts originated as a fighting systems in Asia, today’s Martial Arts provide children with physical exercise, a chance to gain self confidence, an opportunity to interact with others, and worthwhile lessons in our six steps to self defence. For children of all ages, Martial Arts are an exciting alternative to more traditional sports. The Shentie Little Dragon’s Martial Arts program is designed to aid in the teaching of younger students in Martial Arts.

The program is designed specifically with children in mind and enables children as young as 4 years to train in Martial Arts. This system has been developed by senior Martial Arts instructors who have worked in conjunction with teachers form the education system within the UK. This also sits nicely alongside government guidelines.Our childrens program has won a number of awards and accreditations.

We give children the background knowledge of Martial Arts techniques and a simple progression of skills that in turn produces results quickly. The system offers constant rewards to acknowledge this progression through praise, a grading syllabus (belts), and our merit badge system. We teach a Martial Art that enables your child to learn traditional and modern techniques that are fun and exciting in a very safe environment. Shentie Martial Arts builds confidence, encourages self control, motivates self esteem, and teaches self defence. Martial Arts are also incredibly safe when taught in an appropriate club, and all our qualified instructors will be more than happy to share their qualifications and training philosophies. Finding the right club, such as Shentie Martial Arts Academy.

We also offer a merit badge system which is completely free where we reward the children when they are displaying signs of confidence, motivation and team working etc . All our classes are run on a friendly approachable manner.
Master Lee emphasizes in each class that students must develop a “black belt attitude” – a winning mind-set that perseveres and refuses to give up regardless of how difficult the task may be. He also stresses the development of courtesy and respect, positive thinking, and goal setting skills.

It is a program which works: Young students proudly tell Master Lee about difficult situations they encountered and how they overcame them with determination. Parents remark that after beginning classes at Shentie their children complete their homework assignments without being reminded and their grades have improved.

If you are affected by any form of bullying it's important to try and talk to someone. It could be a teacher, your Shentie Instructor, someone in your family or a friend.