Ajit Sidhu


My journey to become a great fighter began at the age of 12, I was overweight and being bullied for it at school. I began learning another martial art and gained a black belt after 4 years. Unfortunately I wasn’t losing much weight and I came to the understanding that this was more of a “show” art. I joined Shentie Mixed Martial Arts after sparring with Lee at one of his classes. Lee kicked me in the stomach, and as I lay crouched over gasping for air, I realised even after becoming a black belt in another martial art, I could still be defeated by a single kick.

Shentie Mixed Martial Arts incorporates many different martial arts all into one form. I began losing weight faster than before as we were doing so many different exercises and my face began taking on a structure other than round. As I became fitter and healthier, I became faster in everything I did and my confidence increased enormously. I was able to achieve targets and goals not only set in martial arts but in everyday life. I came to the realisation that the only person I should be competing against was myself and I should be pushing past my personal limits. I made a promise that I would expect and achieve more from myself in martial arts and in life than anyone else can expect from me. By mentally focusing on this my concentration and will power increased, thus my education in all areas excelled.

At this stage in my life I have completed a Computer Science with Management degree (BSc) and Masters in Information Security (MSc). I hold 2 black belts, one in Tae Kwon Do and the main one in Shentie Mixed Martial Arts. I am a Senior Instructor in Shentie,

The possibilities and opportunities are endless once you have focused your mind on something great. And my great started with Shentie Mixed Martial Arts.