Kalan Malhotra


My parents got me into marital arts at the age of 4, in 2002, as I was very short as a child and needed a way to learn how to stand up for myself as well as gaining overall confidence. I began Shentie Martial Arts under Master Lee and soon saw myself passing through the belt system and witnessed my flexibility and confidence grow as I continued training.
I passed my Junior Black belt in 2010 and then more recently my 1st Dan in 2017.

My training is now more focussed on competitions in Karate and Kickboxing, in fighting and kata with hopes to progress more in this aspect of martial arts.

Shentie has now become a place where I am able to focus my attention on and when in need of support, I can count on all instructors for inspiration and advice. It pushes students’ mentally and physically and is more than just a ‘sport’. Students are able to see this as a place to learn valuable life skills and make new friends.