Justine Louise


My interest in martial arts was prompted by a challenging childhood. I started Judo at the age of ten, then twenty-six years ago I heard about Wing Chun. It appealed to me because it is designed to use your opponents body weight and strength against them. After the birth of my daughter and being a stay at home mum at that time, I was unable to continue with my training. I was very keen for my daughter to learn martial arts; the discipline, confidence and fitness being major factors aside from the ability to learn how to cope with difficult situations and the possibility of using self-defense effectively and with reasonable force. I researched many clubs in the surrounding areas and spoke to a number of people with local clubs, we then discovered the Shentie Mixed Martial Arts Academy. The ethos of this Academy was exactly what we were searching for.

The Shentie Academy teaches children and adults invaluable life-skills and anti-bullying techniques, which has benefited my daughter Trinity and many other Shentie students. Trinity joined Shentie just as she turned four, I decided to join shortly after. We have been with the Shentie Academy 10 years this year. The confidence in her achievements at Shentie have attributed to her being able to effectively manage some of the more boisterous characters she has encountered from both junior and senior school. In addition to which, this confidence has permeated other areas of her life. Trinity is enrolled on the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and is raising money for a World Challenge to Namibia, which she undertakes in 2020.

Imbued through the Shentie Mixed Martial Arts Academy by the senior instructors is an ethos of hard work, commitment and passion. I am both privileged and fulfilled to be a part of such an inspirational team. Teaching the ladies and students watching them grow both mentally and physically is inspiring and rewarding. For me martial arts embodies a journey, a personal learning path through which you learn important life-skills, respect, empathy, strength and compassion for others. In challenging and testing your capabilities you acquire new skills. For me as a parent, instructor and teacher, I am able to use what martial arts has taught and continues to teach me on a daily basis, in a myriad of ways.