Master Lee

Head and Creator of Shentie

At the age of 12, Master Lee moved schools 4 times in as many years. This had a devastating effect on his self confidence. Lee had first hand experience of being bullied at each school he attended and this only added to the downward spiral.

After numerous visits to the school office, his current Deputy Headmaster, advised that he felt he should try channelling some of his pent up anger/energy into something productive. He immediately started attending his martial arts classes and focused all his attention into this. Very quickly it was clear that this was a very positive and productive goal for Lee and he was soon achieving grading belts. This in turn aided him to concentrate and he soon started to earn better subject grades at school.

After leaving school, he found that his dedication to Martial Arts aided him in staying away from the gangs that often develop within Inner-London areas and he is sure this has sculptured him to become the person that he is today.

Master Lee spent many years competing at both National and International level and has a unique fighting record of 42 wins 0 losses in a number of different martial art styles. On retirement from tournament fighting he was crowned undefeated kick boxing champion and has continued to successfully train and develop top class martial artists.

Master Lee spends a majority of his spare time visiting schools teaching awareness, anti bullying and confidence building techniques this is all done on a voluntary basis. Master Lee also continues to support both the Metropolitan, Surrey and Thames Valley police in urban projects and the MOD both in the UK and overseas