Humaira Chuhan


My mum signed me up to Shentie in September 2003, I had found my favourite sport. I never imagined being a black belt at 17 years old, but now it’s something I’m most proud of. My mum was concerned for my safety and being able to defend myself in a world that’s only getting more dangerous. I’m sure many people would agree that being able to protect yourself is getting a lot more important as time goes on. Just like any newbie, I was really nervous when I attended my first class but that soon went and I settled in straight away.

After 6 years of consistent training, Shentie had made me a better person, it brought out the best in me and I had formed a new family. Senior belts are required to be at every grading and participate in the entire day, I had found my performance in these rewarded me greatly on the 1st May 2010 as I was presented with a Junior Black Belt.
I have continued training since then and was lucky enough to go for my 18+ Adult Black Belt at the age of 17. It was probably one of the proudest moments of my life because being with Shentie made me want my black belt so badly! Master Lee had tested every one of my emotions and comfort zones in the space of 30 minutes – he even made me sing spontaneously.

I’m now at university studying media, I try and combine both passions by making Shentie videos and social networks and I am comfortable in doing so because I always have the support of the club. As cliché as this sounds, Shentie has impacted my persona greatly, I am a more confident and disciplined person because of it. Shentie doesn’t just teach martial arts, Shentie teaches you skills for everyday life.