Graham Mercer

Technical Director & Senior Instructor

I began training in martial arts in 1973 at the age of 8. It was after the death of Bruce Lee when martial arts became very popular and I started in Judo as I was too young to join a Kung Fu or Karate club at that time. These clubs had age restrictions as the techniques were deemed too dangerous and aggressive for anyone under 18.

After a few years, the boom had died down and the Judo club folded. By now the age restrictions in the other styles had relaxed and as I approached my teens, my curiosity of these other arts prevailed. i went to a local sports center to watch a karate class and I was amazed by the senior grade students. I was captivated with their control, focus, spirit and discipline and also how humble they were. I joined the following lesson.

Since then I have trained under many great Japanese masters including enoeda, tanaka, osaka and ohta senseis to name a few. I have competed in local and national tournaments with modest success; winning three national championship titles and England Team Squad Coach with multiple National, European and World Champions. I have attained black belt 6th Dan level and I am a qualified judge and referee. I also have CRB clearance and teach children from age 4 up to adults, with many at black belt level.

I grew up in the same area of North West London at the same time as Lee Adam, although we never actually met until 1998. We found we had many things in common, especially a love for martial arts. I have trained with Lee and enhanced my overall knowledge. Martial Arts are not just “another activity” but a way of life if performed in a regular and serious manner, and I believe Shentie Mixed Martial Arts to be an invaluable opposition to today’s violent bullying and knife culture.