Darryl Barnett


I began my Martial Arts journey at the young age of 12. Sadly I was bullied at school as I was very slim, during this time I witnessed my brother being beaten up which upset me greatly. Shortly after this I began attending Tae Kwon Do classes, as I wanted to learn to protect myself and those I care about. These classes had a tremendous effect on me, they raised my self-confidence and I began to have a more positive attitude. I had to walk 7 miles to attend the classes I enjoyed so very much, in all weather’s; often in the pouring rain. These classes were rare and quite expensive, at this time, my brother’s and I were being raised by our single father, the expense became too much. I told my Sensei I could not afford to train anymore, he had seen my improvement and commitment from when I had begun his classes and allowed me to train for a reduced price. I achieved my Blue belt but unfortunately circumstances changed and I was devastated that I was unable to continue my training

Growing up, Martial Arts were always an interest of mine; I enjoyed the film genre wishing “one day” I’ll be as good as they are.

My confidence since joining Shentie Martial Arts Academy has soared. It is quite over-whelming when I realise just how much the academy and what I have learnt has helped me in my personal life. I am achieving targets and goals not only set in Martial Arts but in my everyday life. I’ve discovered that I have a true passion for teaching. I am fitter and healthier than ever before; in mind and in body. I cannot thank Master Lee and the other Instructors in the Shentie Academy enough for everything they have taught me.

I am now a Shentie Instructor and am very proud to be a part of the team for me it is a dream come true.