Chris Parker

Senior Instructor

I began my martial arts training 20 years ago in the style of Hung Leng Kuen (Free Spirit Fist) Kung Fu at Southampton University under Grand Master JR Dutton. This Hung Leng Kuen incorporates many styles such as Fu Jow Pai(Tiger Claw System), Praying Mantis, Shao Lin Long Fist as well as internal arts such as Tai Chi and Ba Qua. I also teach broadsword, staff and spear and flexible weapons. It is a highly effective system of self defence and self development. I am presently the Head of the World Free Spirit Fist Federation in charge of the two London clubs. As well as a Ninth Duan Black Sash in Kung Fu and I hold a British Combat Association Black Belt. I am also an Assistant Headteacher of a large secondary school and find this experience helpful when assisting with the Shentie kids classes.

I began training with Lee Adam as I wanted my son and daughter to learn martial arts in a friendly but disciplined environment and my sessions are not suitable for young children. I cannot praise highly enough the Shentie lessons and instructors. It is very clear that the instructors really love teaching the kids. My children really enjoy the lessons and are developing really well. It is great to be part of the Shentie extended family where all the instructors can share their knowledge for the benefit of all.