Jim Usher

Operations Director & Senior Instructor

My journey in martial arts began 25 years ago when I turned 14. Having been prevented from taking part in any contact sports throughout my formative years due to a childhood injury I took up freestyle Karate as soon as I was able. The style I trained in was based on Wado Ryu with a traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu influence and I attained my 1st Dan Black belt aged 18 not long before I took a gap year between completing my a-levels and starting university.

Having spent time in Canada working as a ski instructor I started my under graduate degree at Royal Holloway, University of London. I quickly discovered that there was no Karate Club at Royal Holloway and so I started one myself. As club founder and captain we took part in various competitions and won various titles and trophies. While at university I trained in various other styles including Tae Kwon Do and Ninjutsu and gained my 2nd Dan in freestyle karate with my club at home.

Eventually the time came to leave university and I moved to Liverpool where I trained as a primary school teacher. After completing my post graduate certificate in education I moved back down south and started working at a primary school in Hounslow. It wasn’t long before I was missing martial arts and joined Shentie. I found that I really enjoyed Master Lee’s style of teaching and the informal nature of the training. Initially I resisted grading into the style preferring just to enjoy training but it wasn’t too long before I asked to be graded and have held a 3rd Dan in Shentie Mixed Martial Arts.

I am currently a Senior Assistant Headteacher at a large primary school in Hounslow as well as being a Shentie Martial Arts Instructor, cat owner and husband to Louise who was introduced to me by Master Lee’s wife. Shentie is quite literally part of my family.